Built to Compete

Why Me?

  • Design Tailored To Your Business
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate and Encryption
  • Weekly Theme & Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Powered
  • 24/7 Support
  • SEO Optimized / SEO Ready
  • Daily File backups
  • Daily Database Backups
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Database Optimization
  • GDPR Compliant¬†
  • Highly Customizable & Brandable
  • Free Premium Imagery
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%100 Fully Responsive

In today’s world where people now browse the internet primarily via their phones/tablets, it’s very important to have a responsive website that works across all devices. All websites made by me are 100% fully responsive.[/morello_side_icon_block][morello_side_icon_block icon=”ion-ios-browsers” delay=”0.6″]

Cross Browser Compatibility

No matter which browser you view your website on, you can be assured your website will look uniform on each.[/morello_side_icon_block][morello_side_icon_block icon=”ion-eye” delay=”0.9″]

Free Premium Graphics and Icons

Each client gets access to premium quality images.¬† Just choose the ones you would like to use and I will import them to where you like.[/morello_side_icon_block][morello_side_icon_block icon=”ion-thumbsup” delay=”1.2″]

Free domain name & SSL encryption

It doesn’t matter which package you choose, you can get a free domain name for your website and SSL certificate to encrypt all information going to and from your website. Feel safe knowing all sensitive information including any credit card details are safe from prying eyes.[/morello_side_icon_block]

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